FamTech – The Connected Family

Technology should help advance mankind but we’ve all seen how mobile technology and high-speed wireless internet have practically converted us all into walking zombies constantly glued to our screens.

FamTech is a concept I’ve seen a few industry leaders use to describe technological innovations that help us become a better connected family via technology. Crazy concept, I know!

On a previous post where I gave you a short synapses of my entrepreneurial journey I mentioned a start-up I launched in 2016 called PingMomo. (see video below)

PingMomo was my attempt at entering the FamTech space by building an application and service that could help solve a huge problem that over 80 million parents face in the U.S. everyday. That problem is figuring out who’s going to pickup the kids from school or soccer practice while they’re still stuck at work or traffic.

PingMomo never had a successful launch but the good news is that there are other similar companies (with similar concepts) that have made it their mission to tackle and resolve this universal problem once and for all.

What are some other “FamTech” style companies you can think of? What benefits have they brought to your family? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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