Innovate or Be Left Behind

We live in unprecedented times. Not only is technology advancing faster than we ever imagined but the rules of this game we call life are changing as well.

Well, maybe to some people this “Life” business isn’t a game – but just like in any game – you should always know the rules you’re playing by, that’s if you’d like to win of course.

To innovate means to develop a new product, a new method, a new idea, etc. But to be innovative is to do all of that better than anyone ever has before.

With the internet age we saw many innovations come to life. Then came mobile phones and high-speed internet and new industries were born along with some giant industry leaders.

Think the usual suspects. Uber, Netflix, AirBnB, Facebook. You get the idea.

But do you think these companies would always remain as the “innovators”? No Sirie!

Companies must constantly re-invent themselves and continue innovating if they want to remain relevant. Or else they’ll be left behind.

Can any one say Blockbusters?? We all now what happened to them.

What other examples can you provide of companies that died , or are dying, because they fell behind on the game of innovation? (should have learned the rules!)

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