Throw Family Time Management Out the Window

Take a walk through the self-help section of your local bookstore (if anyone still does that) or do a quick search on Amazon Books and you’ll find a ton of stuff on personal time management. You’ll see titles like “15 secrets to successful time management”, “Getting Sh*t Done”, and “7 Habits of Highly Effective Hipsters”.Continue reading “Throw Family Time Management Out the Window”

Family is Always Everything!

You’ve probably heard before many people say that “Family is Everything.” Well… to me, Family is ALWAYS Everything! We’re born into this world and immediately loved and accepted by family members. Our parents mean everything to us. They not only created us but they help mold us and shape us into the amazing people thatContinue reading “Family is Always Everything!”

My Entrepreneurial Journey

I wasn’t sure whether to call it my “Journey” or my “Roller-coaster” but since all roller-coasters end at some point let’s go ahead and call it a journey. Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, is attributed with saying that an “entrepreneur is someone that jumps of a cliff and builds an airplane on the way down.”Continue reading “My Entrepreneurial Journey”

FamTech – The Connected Family

Technology should help advance mankind but we’ve all seen how mobile technology and high-speed wireless internet have practically converted us all into walking zombies constantly glued to our screens. FamTech is a concept I’ve seen a few industry leaders use to describe technological innovations that help us become a better connected family via technology. CrazyContinue reading “FamTech – The Connected Family”

What is “Design Thinking”?

Design Thinking is a relatively new and radical concept to thinking differently about the way we design products and services. The term “Design Thinking” is said to have originated at a well-established global design company called IDEO and it has a become a cornerstone for many design agencies around the world. According to IDEO, “DesignContinue reading “What is “Design Thinking”?”

What they don’t teach you about Entrepreneurship

Google the word “Entrepreneurship” and you’ll get lost in the plethora of feel-good advice on why starting your own business is the best thing you could do for yourself. Very few people write about the truths and realities of being an entrepreneur. I intend to write all the good, the bad, and the ugly truthContinue reading “What they don’t teach you about Entrepreneurship”